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Книга посвящена знакомствам с девушками
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This is a courting seduction booklet. it really is a hundred pages better than the both infrequent similar booklet "Mystery strategy - The Venusian Arts guide - 2d Edition".
NLP and seduction books are similar in that they take care of psychological manipulation and seduction of women, and psychology.

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But, in the end, Anagnostopoulos is forced by Aristotle's own practice in the EN to acknowledge that knowledge is one of the goals of the work and simply holds that Aristotle was conflicted. 3 1094M2). I would suggest that there is a play on multiple senses of the word hikanos here; hikanos can mean adequate in the sense in which we might say that something is merely adequate. But it can also mean something fuller and more complete; to be hikanos can be to be fully befitting, becoming, or sufficient.

Euthyphro speaks again of his precise knowledge at 14b. 25. Socrates may be even more serious than usual in disclaiming knowledge when it comes to the divine things; see Republic 427b-c, where he turns over religious law to the prophets on the grounds that he and the others know nothing of such matters. 26. See Phaedrus 229b-230a on the place of the literal reading in Greek society at the time. 25 because of the bonds before the one who bound him found out from the exegetes what he should do about him" (9a).

7c-d) As Socrates goes on to claim, if we were going to ascribe conflicts to the gods, this is the sort of conflict that we would expect even them to have (7d). In other words, such matters are so difficult that it is at least imaginable that even the divine struggles over Socrates thus forces Euthyphro to question whether one should be so sanguine about the prospects for precise [akribos] knowledge of "the political things" {Theaetetus 172a). The just, beautiful, and good are essentially difficult; they do not admit of a simple measure, unlike mathematical matters.

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