By Eric J. Reuland

The guidelines awarded by way of the contributions during this quantity originated in a workshop on Burzio’s generalization. Burzio’s Generalization (BG) states verb which doesn't assign an exterior theta-role to its topic doesn't assign structural accusative Case to an item and conversely. It connects cross-linguistic similarities among e.g. passives, elevating verbs, and unaccusatives. in spite of the fact that, it does so via linking very varied homes of a predicate. This increases primary questions about its theoretical prestige. The contributions during this quantity discover BG’s theoretical foundation. A consensus emerges that BG is, in truth, an epiphenomenon, end result of the interplay of other rules of grammar. furthermore, the contributions express a amazing convergence as to how BG is finally derived. the implications bought make an important contribution to the additional improvement of theories of Case and thematic family members.

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Although the examples in (11)–(13) violate (8a), they are consistent with the definition of dependent case. Although these sentences have non-thematic subject positions, the derived subject and the NPs getting  case are in distinct chains, allowing for dependent case assignment. , Yip et al. 1987) or that rely on notions of dependent case requiring that one case be assigned in a clause only after some other case is assigned or realized. On the present theory, although the  feature in an NP may depend on syntactic properties of other NPs in a clause,  in an NP does not depend on the  features in other NPs.

8) a. Haben je Linguisten ODEN interessiert? have ever linguists- odes- interested? ‘Have linguists ever been interested in odes’ 38 HUBERT HAIDER b. c. Haben Odeni je LINGUISTEN ei interpretiert have odes- ever linguists- 0 interpretiert? ’ Haben je LINGUISTEN Oden interpretiert? have ever linguists odes interpreted? The crucial difference in the argument structure between double objects and the two arguments of transitive psych-verbs is exactly the exceptional dissociation of subject selection and ranking: A transitive psych-verb has an argument designated for external licensing that is ranked lower than an undesignated argument.

Me is watching I am watching her (instead of: I am watching) For verbs with an optional direct object, as in (14a), this would imply that the subject is accusative (14a) unless an object is projected (14b). Only in this case the subject would be licensed as nominative. Note that (14) cannot be interpreted as an ergative case system. The ergative system would be (15): (15) a. b. I am watching Her is watching I (meaning: She is watching me) 42 HUBERT HAIDER What I propose is that the answer should be given in terms of an economy constraint on licensing: Licensing case by Agr simultaneously licenses the functional features (f-features) of the verb.

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