By Gisela M.A. Richter

In Attica, round 580 BC, a sequence of tall gravestones starts, crowned by way of the determine of a sphinx, on a easily embellished capital. After the mid-century the capital is elaborated as palmettes with spirals, yet quickly thereafter the stele sort is simplified, with a palmette merely. the kind disppears within the early fifth cent. BC. so much figures are male and there's tough age differentiation by means of sort: younger as athlete, mature as warrior, previous as guy with puppy. within the final part the oblong bases for the stelai should be adorned in aid on 3 aspects.

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23. a,b Transverse US scan with the corresponding cryosection showing the proximal part of the common fibular nerve (arrow) in the lower leg in its course around the neck of the fibula (1) (tibia 2). c Longitudinal US scan according to the course of the common fibular nerve (arrows) d at the neck of the fibula (1). d Scheme with skin projection of the course of the common fibular nerve (thick dotted line) in the lateral lower leg. Tendon of the femoral biceps muscle (thin dotted line), sciatic or tibial nerve, respectively, (line), fibular head (1) as landmarks The main nerve supplying the foot with sensory and motor qualities is the tibial nerve with its both terminal branches: the medial and the lateral plantar nerve.

25). What has been said above for the branches of the medial plantar nerve equally applies for the sonographic visualization of these subcutaneous branches. 39 Sonographic Anatomy of the Peripheral Nervous System a c b Fig. 24a–d. Transverse US scan and color US scan (a) with the corresponding cryosection (b) showing the distal tibial nerve (arrow) accompanied by the posterior tibial vascular bundle (*). c Longitudinal US scan. d Scheme and skin projections of the distal tibial nerve (line) and its terminal plantar medial (thick broken line) and lateral (line) branches: medial and lateral plantar nerve.

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