By Adam Blade


El malvado Malvel ha robado l. a. armadura mágica y los angeles ha esparcido en pedazos a lo largo del Reino de Avantia. Cada parte de l. a. armadura está custodiada por una negative Fiera. Arax, el Ladrón de almas, le ha robado el alma al brujo Aduro, y ha dejado el reino a los angeles merced del diabólico brujo Malvel. Para salvar a Aduro, Tom tiene que seguir a Arax hasta su cueva, pero l. a. malvada Fiera también quiere quedarse con el alma de Tom.

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Adam Blade nació en Hastings, Gran Bretaña. Fascinado desde muy joven por las historias de caballeros así como por los animales mitológicos, éstos se han convertido en los temas fundamentales de su obra.

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In this Roman mosaic, he is seated between two muses (goddesses of the arts), writing the epic poem The Aeneid, which describes the adventures of Aeneas, a Trojan hero. LIVED 106–43 BCE ROLE Philosopher, writer FAMOUS FOR Historical and philosophical writings LIVED 70–19 BCE ROLE Poet FAMOUS FOR The Aeneid and poems related to country life Seneca Ptolemy Poet, philosopher, and lawyer, Seneca belonged to the Stoic school of philosophy, which believed in leading a noble life. Empress Agrippina appointed him to tutor her son, Nero.

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DATE 343–290 BCE REGION South Central Italy Pyrrhic War The Greek king Pyrrhus came close to defeating the Romans in the five-year Pyrrhic War. This copper engraving from the 17th century shows his victory in one of the battles—the Battle of Heraclea in 280 BCE, when Pyrrhus defeated the Roman forces near Tarentum, a Greek colony. DATE 280–275 BCE REGION Italy WARS AND BATTLES | 57 Punic Wars The First Punic War established Rome as a naval power. This 16th-century image shows Carthaginian general Hannibal leading forces to victory against Rome in a battle during the Second Punic War.

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