By Aditi Lahiri

Starting from tonogensis, rigidity shift, and volume adjustment of paradigmatic levelling, allomorphy, and grammaticalization, this assortment covers a large speectrum of advancements, basically in Germanice, Romance, and Indo-Aryan.

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We have just seen that the underlying form is /riiki+is/ in both stages. There are two competing realizations, the original *riiki+is and the new riikj+is, of which each satisfies just one of two constraints, STEM-FORM, and *SUPERHEAVY, which imposes a bimoraic foot maximum. ki+is violates STEMFORM, which prohibits a stem from ending in -V, but (in virtue of final C-extrametricality) it fulfills the requirement that syllables be maximally bimoraic. j+is conforms to STEM-FORM but its three-mora first syllable exceeds the syllabic template.

We know from Section 3 that Cj clusters are barred by a more stringent (higher-ranked, in fact undominated) constraint than all other consonant clusters, Cw included. Thus, the analogical changes are blocked by constraints that outrank the constraints that drive them. In this way, the analogical changes are shaped by the interplay of phonological and morphological conditions. STEM-FORM triggers only those analogical changes that its precise position in the ranked constraint system of the language enforces.

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