By J. Eysseltova, T. P. Dirkse

This quantity provides and evaluates said solubility information for the name compounds, complementing an past quantity within the IUPAC Solubility info sequence facing alkali steel halides. Orthophosphates were recognized and used for a few years; vital purposes comprise their use in fertilizers, as corrosion inhibitors and in piezoelectric parts. so much released info relate to sodium and potassium Read more...

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INFORMATION SOURCE AND PURITY OF MATERIALS; Analytical reagent grade Na HPO and trisodium phosphate hydrate and ACS grade N a H P 0 . H^O were used. O 2 4 ESTIMATED ERROR: The temperature at which immiscibility occurs had a precision of ± 0 . 1 Κ and an accuracy of 0 . 5 - 1 . 0 K. The critical tempera ture had a precision of ± 0 . 1 - 0 . 2 Κ and an accuracy of 1 . 0 - 1 . 5 K. REFERENCES: 1 . E. J. 2. Inoig. Nad. Ckem. 1 9 8 1 , 43, 4 4 9 . M. , 1 5 1 . L. J. Ckem. Eng. Vata (2) Sodium hydroxide; NaOH; [1310-73-2] 1982, 27, 175-80.

Analiza, Inst. Obsch. Neorg. Khim. Akad. Nauk SSSR 1955, 4 [1310-73-2] 263 248-58. (3) Water; H 0 ; [7732-18-5] 2 VARIABLES: PREPARED BY: Composition at 523, 573 and 638 K. J. Eysseltova EXPERIMENTAL VALUES: Part 1. Composition of the saturated liquid phase in the N a ^ P O ^ - N a O H - ^ O g ion/100 g soln P 0 4 „ + Na g ion/100 g ion PO 34- Na + mass% Na„HP0, I 4 system. 44 96 40 95. 95 (continued AUXILIARY METHOD /APPARATUS /PROCEDURE: The apparatus has been described previously (1). Samples of the saturated liquid phase were removed after 1 to 2 hours of equili­ bration, filtered through a silver wire mat, and analyzed volumetrically (2).

ESTIMATED ERROR: No details are given. L. (1) Sodium dihydrogenphosphate; NaH PO,; [7558-80-7] 1 (2) Sodium hydroxide; NaOH; m 2 4 J. Ckem. Eng. Vcuta 1982, 27, 175-80. [1310-73-2] (3) Water; H 0 ; [7732-18-5] 2 VARIABLES: PREPARED BY: Five Na/P ratios. J. Eysseltova EXPERIMENTAL VALUES: Immiscibility and liquid-vapor critical phenomena for aqueous sodium phosphate solutions. immiscibility boundary solute stoichiometry Na/PO. 5 + 0. 4 L L 20 d critical phenomenon t/°c phase T RC 1 2 2 382 2 e £ (continued next page) AUXILIARY METHOD/APPARATUS/PROCEDURE : The synthetic method was used.

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