By Peter Sunderland, Vince Michael

This article is designed to revise and consolidate grammar issues on the point of CAE and skillability tests, and this variation has been revised to incorporate talent fabric within the structure of the 2002 examination. it truly is on hand without or with key.

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Extra info for Advanced Language Practice (with key)

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First It's d) We haven't been swimming for ages. since It's e) Mary started learning French five years ago. has Mary f) I am on the tenth page of this letter I am writing. ten So far I g) It's over twenty years since they got married. for They have h) The last time I saw Dick was in 1995. seen I haven't i) There is a definite improvement in your work. has Lately j) This is my second visit to Hungary. visited This is the for thirty years. before. to Paris. swimming. five years. of this letter. than twenty years.

The new ship (launch) next week. Luckily by the time we got there the painting (not/sell). We had to go on holiday because our house (decorate). I'm afraid that next week's meeting (cancel). If we don't hurry, all the tickets (sell) by the time we get there. All main courses (serve) with vegetables or salad. At least that is what is written on the menu. The second goal (score) by Hughes in the 41st minute, The cathedral (build) in the fourteenth century. GRAMMAR 6 5 PASSIVE 1 Underline any uses of the agent which are unnecessary.

Would Would is used when the speaker wants somebody or something else to change. / wish he would change his mind and marry Jane. I wish it would stop raining. The use with would is often used to describe an annoying habit. / wish you wouldn't make such a mess. • Past time As with present wishes, the verb form after wish is one stage further back in the past. These are wishes referring to a past event, which cannot be changed. / wish I hadn't eaten so much. This use of wish is common after if only to express regrets.

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