By Henry William Watson

The 1st version of Mr. Watson’s e-book used to be released in 1876. the current, a revised, a lot enhanced, and increased quantity, is issued additionally in a handier shape. The publication is, in fact, primarily mathematical: it offers nearly solely with the correct excellent gasoline, and supposes that figment of the mathematical brain) “perfect elasticity” to exist for the molecules. it sort of feels to us that, until eventually we all know extra in regards to the inner kinetic power of molecules and its legislation of dissipation into the encircling ether, the kinetic conception of gases needs to stay the place Dr. Watson leaves it, a mathematical workout instead of a practicable actual conception. Dr. Watson retains away from physics lovely more often than not, or even the identify of Van der Waals doesn't seem in his treatise. It lacks a desk of contents or an index. Such books, in particular while released by means of a college press, are actually very unusual, and shortly the reviewer will consider capable of cross them by way of with the one remark “no index”!

The Academy and Literature, quantity forty five [1894]

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Direction of the axis of as, it point of the medium is If we suppose the contiguous portions of the separated by a material instead of an ideal plane, medium any to be it will clearly be necessary for the maintenance of the equilibrium that there should be an action between this plane and the adjacent portion of the medium exactly equivalent to the transference of momenta Hence the pressure estimated above. and medium is time and surface affected or force between the plane its value per unit of normal to the plane, and is 7 mh at any r J point.

Altogether torn asunder, this relative motion will be some kind of vibration. The motion of translation or agitation of these small bodies, or molecules is, as we have seen in the case of the -, spheres, exceedingly irregular, the intervals between successive encounters and the velocities of a molecule during successive free paths not being subject to any law. / At each encounter the whole molecule is roughly molecule. there is shaken. i/During the free path laws, and these vibrations, as it is vibrates according to its own the case in every connected system, may be resolved into a number of simple vibrations, the law of each of which is that of the simple pendulum.

Therefore that \ or the potential energy of the It follows t r the potential molecule, is the sum of two parts, viz. Xi> energy of the whole mass collected at the centre of mass and acted on by the external forces, and therefore a function of and X2 or ^ ne potential energy of the mutual forces and therefore a function of the jo's only. #, y, z only, (if any), 35 KINETIC THEORY OF GASES. the Therefore coordinates lie number of molecules between x and x + d#, &c. Pe~ where of P and h (xi + xzldx .

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