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Neue digitale Kultur- und Bildungsräume

Einleitung von Petra Grell, Winfried Marotzki, Heidi Schelhowe Um den Wandel und die Integration digitaler Medien in die Alltagswelt zu dokum- tieren, ist ein Blick auf aktuelle Zahlen hilfreich. Sprunghaft gestiegen ist die Nutzung von Online-Medien in der Bevölkerung laut ARD-ZDF-Online-Studie von 6,5 % im Jahr 1997 auf 65,8 % im Jahr 2008.

Lob des Sexismus. Frauen verstehen, verführen und behalten GERMAN

"Es gibt einen fundamentalen Unterschied zwischen M? nnern und Frauen. Ihn verdr? ngen, hei? t leiden. Ihn sp? ren, hei? t lieben. Ihn verstehen, hei? t verf? hren. Denn nirgendwo f? llt dieser Unterschied so schwer ins Gewicht wie dort, wo sich die Geschlechter am n? chsten kommen: In der Liebe, in Beziehungen und beim intercourse.

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The railroads and wagons had the prime mission to care for the combatant troops, so that behind the front there often was a lack of what was most needed . The field hospitals, compelled to accompany their troops, could be improvised only for short periods, and even the hospital formations of the rear were forced to seek shelter in manors, castles or wherever there was space . Now it was revealed who of the medical officers possessed practical versatility . The medical officers with troops (regimental and battalion surgeons) as a rule managed things easily, as did the country physicians who themselves had the responsibility of administration, and even among physicians hailing from cities, nay even among specialists there were not a few who created veritable models of institutions with the simplest and crudest means .

Later when the factory population of Moscow was combed, there appeared in the field wasted men, many afflicted with tuberculosis. They were inadequately armed, one rifle for two men being the rule, and I myself have seen wooden guns which had been taken from prisoners . Today we know how difficult it then was for the Russians to replace the enormous losses in men and arms . CHAPTER VI THE LAZARETS The old hospitals in Germany date back to the 15th century, when the plague raged in Europe . At that time there were created charitable institutions for the reception of the sick .

It is striking that it is also the body louse that can transmit relapsing and five-day fever, to be discussed later . This possibly depends on the louse inoculating part of its saliva and stomach contents at the moment of biting man . The struggle against typhus became a struggle against the louse. There was no dearth of lice . For weeks soldiers did not get a chance to change clothes and only occasionally to wash, and lice teemed in the dirty billets in Poland . In the trenches the lice found excellent means of spreading, and thus the army, as in previous wars, became thoroughly lousy in a few weeks, officers as well as men .

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