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Appertaining to the Atharvan Veda;—a Brahman versed in the Atharvan Veda. v. v. For compounds beginning with atī-, see ‫ ات‬ati-. v. v. v. ‫ اﺗﻨﺎ‬itnā. v. v. v. S ‫ اﺗﻴﮑﺖ‬अितयु talker. m. (f. f. Superfluous talk; garrulity; exaggeration. m. Deviation from S ‫ اﺗﻴﮑﺸﻦ‬अतीक्षण atīkshaṇa, adj. (f. -ā), Not prescribed observances; contemning religious and moral laws. sharp, not keen or shrewd, dull, obtuse. S ‫ اﺗﻴﺎﭼﺎري‬अत्याचारी atyāćārī, adj. m. (f. inī), Transgressing religious rules;— transgression.

F. e. f. A silver coin worth eight annas, an eight-anna piece, a halfrupee:—aṭh-wārā (S. m. The eighth day after any other day; a period of eight days; a week; the use, or loan, of a thing for a period of eight days:—aṭhotar-sau (S. ashṭa+uttara+śata), adj. One hundred and eight:—āṭhoṅ, coll. s. & adj. v. above:—āṭhoṅ-jām (jām = S. yām) = āṭhoṅ-pahar. H ‫ اﭤﻬﺎ‬अ ठा aṭṭhā [S. m. g. tīn aṭṭhe ćaubīs); the eight of a suit of cards; throw of eight with three dice. v. ‫اﭤﻬﺎﻧﺎ‬ uṭhānā. = ‫اﭤﻬہ ﺑﻴﭥﻬہ‬ uṭh-baiṭh.

M. g. tīn aṭṭhe ćaubīs); the eight of a suit of cards; throw of eight with three dice. v. ‫اﭤﻬﺎﻧﺎ‬ uṭhānā. = ‫اﭤﻬہ ﺑﻴﭥﻬہ‬ uṭh-baiṭh. v. v. H ‫ اﭤﻬﺎرﻩ‬अट्ठारह, अठारह, aṭṭhārah or aṭhārah [S. अ ादश], num. adj. Eighteen:—aṭhārah-bābū, m. pl. m. A certain game played with eighteen pebbles (something like our draughts). H ‫ اﭤﻬﺎرﻩ وان‬अठारहवां aṭhārahwāṅ [S. अ ादश+तम], num. adj. Eighteenth. m. Loud laughter; horse-laugh. H ‫ اﭤﻬﺎﺳﻲ‬अठासी, अ ठासी aṭhāsī or aṭṭhāsī [S. अ ाशीित], num. adj. Eighty-eight.

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