By Mario A. Pei, Oliver W. Heatwole

An exceptional comparative analyzing grammar of the 3 significant romance languages. even if possibly geared in the direction of English scholars studying a language for the 1st time, will probably be most precious to English audio system that have already got a examining fluency in a single of those 3 languages--simply for the familiarity with the grammatical phrases, the subjunctive temper, etc.

highly recommended.
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1. A Comparative useful Grammar of French, Spanish and Italian by way of O. W. Heatwole (1949) you'll be in a position to purchase it from third-party on Amazon; at present a paperback variation from 1977 is on the market for $15.99. (I don’t comprehend if the 1977 version is any diversified from the 1949 version because it might simply be a reprint.) The publication was once edited via Mario Pei and within the foreword, he explains why a publication of this type is needed:

“But how amazing would it not be if there have been just a comparative grammar of the most Romance languages, that will permit me to match at a look a rule within the language with which i'm so much acquainted with the corresponding rule within the language i do know least!”

This paintings is a solution to the wide awake and subconscious wishes of those scholars and instructor of Romance languages. it's a booklet the need of which has lengthy been felt, yet by some means nobody has ever taken the difficulty to provide it.

There is a few inconsistency within the undeniable fact that Departments of Romance Languages are way more universal in our process of upper schooling than separate Departments of French, Spanish and Italian, but nowhere are the Romance Languages taught as a unit from the comparative perspective that might allow the learner to prevent significant confusions and significant pitfalls. studying 3 similar languages instantaneously should still definitely end up not more tough than studying them individually.

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FRANÇOIS Vous partez quand ? vu parté kã ? MAXIME On part en juillet. õ par ã zhÿiyé. FRANÇOIS Combien de temps ? kõby˜e de tã ? MAXIME Cinq semaines. s˜ek semèn. FRANÇOIS Tu connais Cannes ? tü kònè kan ? MAXIME Non, mais ma copine connaît très bien la ville. Ses parents nõ, mè ma kòpin kònè trè by˜e la vil. sè parã ont une maison à Cannes, près de la plage. õ tün mèzõ a kan, prè de la plazh. FRANÇOIS C’est formidable ! Est-ce que tu aimes la plage ? sè fòrmidabl! ès ke tü èm la plazh ? MAXIME Oui, j’aime beaucoup la plage, mais je préfère la montagne.

He answers with on, which in this case is equivalent to nous. BEGINNING FRENCH FOR THE UTTERLY CONFUSED 44 Quick Tips 1. The use of on instead of nous is very frequent in informal spoken French. For more details, see Chapter 8. 2. On can often be used as a synonym for nous. ” 3. On is always conjugated as a third person singular pronoun, like il or elle, never like nous. ) la maison près de C’est formidable ! ) le tã la semèn la kòpin le kope˜ lami la vil lè parã la mèzõ prè de sè fòrmidabl ! la mõtañ lè vakãs time week girlfriend boyfriend friend city parents house close to/near It’s wonderful!

Je (travailler) à Genève. ● ● Je (parler) français, anglais et italien. ● Je (s’appeler) Yves Desarsens. Je (parler) français, allemand et anglais. E. Write six sentences like the ones above with your personal information. ● ● ● ● ● ● À l’école de langues 19 F. Translate the following conversation between a customs agent and Nathalie Brault. At Montreal-Dorval International Airport: Customs agent: Good evening, madam. Nathalie Brault: Good evening. Customs agent: What’s your name? Nathalie Brault: My name is Nathalie Brault.

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